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About The Clarendon Hills Chamber

A Chamber for the Community

The membership has seen many changes; some businesses and their owners have come and gone, but the purpose of the group remains the same:

“ for the unification of the business men and women for the better protection and advancement of their business interests, to promote home trade, to enforce good faith and fair dealing between its members and to promote the adoption and application of higher social, business and professional standards. ”



Clarendon Hills – A Desirable Chicago Suburb

Formed in 1956 by Clarendon Hills business men and women, the Chamber helps bolster Clarendon Hills’s reputation as one of the most desirable suburbs in the Chicago area.  It’s here that the reputation continues, by providing services for the demands of our residents, and the organizational network on which business community thrives.

Clarendon Hills was officially recorded as a Village in 1873 and incorporated in 1924.  Clarendon Hills Business District began in a small way with a General Store which was destroyed by fire in 1892.  It was located south of the Burlington tracks on the east side of what is now Prospect Ave.

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In the present business district the first building was built in 1911 and it housed the Post Office and General Store.  It still stands on the southwest corner of Prospect and Railroad Avenues and is the current home of Quinn’s Coffee Shop and Carpet Showcase.  This is the humble beginnings of our quaint Village.  Expansion was slow but steady and continued south along Prospect Avenue and the rest, as they say, is history!

The Chamber is the place concerned residents call when they need to know if a business is reliable or who sells a particular product.  They will also call the Chamber if they need an address or phone number to a specific business.

Daisy Days – A Trademark Of Clarendon Hills

image_about02History of the “Daisy” affiliation with Clarendon Hills actually happened by accident.  Henry Middaugh was an affluent resident of Clarendon Hills and when it came time to plant grass for his grazing cattle and sheep, he wanted only the extra-special best.  That was what was requested but not what he received.  His special grass seed was actually daisy seed.  One can only imagine the gentleman farmer’s chagrin at the magnificent crop of daisies which his seed produced.  The Clarendon Hills area was called “Daisy Fields” by persons who passed through on the train and to this day the daisy has become a trademark of Clarendon Hills.


Our Chamber Board:

President:  Laura Marquardt
Vice President:  Mark Rediehs
Secretary: Rusty Scheel
Treasurer: Russ Zabler

Directors:  Derek Berg, Holly Lake & Sue O’connell

Any Questions? Contact our Board Members

President –  Laura Marquardt –  630-202-1678 / laura.marquardt714@gmail.com
Vice President – Mark Rediehs – 630-726-4431 / mrediehs@sbcglobal.net


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